How To Play Catan Online

Top 4 Catan Websites To Play Online For FREE 

Don't know where or how to play Catan online? No worries, we've all been there.

Hi there and welcome to your one-stop shop & resource on how to play the best board-game in the world online

Are you a fan of the game, but don't live near enough friends to play with? Never fear - there are options on the world wide web! We've researched and did our due diligence on different websites that allow you to play Catan online so you don't have to.

Altogether, we cover everything from free to paid options for beginner to veteran players. So gather your resources and get ready to build some settlements, because there are plenty of options for playing Catan online.

Where can you play online?

We've ranked websites that allow you to play with friends and family or even against complete strangers. Basically, the Catan websites below are listed in order of preference with the following considerations: cost, visuals & graphics, user-friendliness, in-game experience, software technology and community.


Colonist Catan Online Website

Firstly, offers a free online version of the classic board game that can be played with up to 8 people on mobile devices, Ipads and tablets. However, there's no app at this point in time.

This Catan online website includes computer (Artificial Intelligence) players and other online users. Additionally, you have the option to invite your real-life friends too.

Furthermore, there's also ranked play for players who want to test their skills against other top-notch players from all over the world in real time competitive games!

Catan's original base game is Free to play, in addition to expansion sets available for purchase.

Colonist Discord Group

The community of Colonist have their own Discord group where devs and players can communicate to eradicate any bugs in a timely manner.

Overall, their Discord group is a great place to connect with Catan YouTube and Twitch streamers. Additionally, it's a user-friendly hub to set-up games ahead of time with other Catan players.

Particularly, for tournament players, the Colonist Discord have plenty of users who participate and organize several Catan tournaments. Basically, everything from the original base game to the different versions with expansions.

Official Online Catan

The following is the official online Catan version, with some added bells and whistles for a small cost of $5. Note: Try the FREE demo version before purchasing access to unlock the full game.


Catan Universe Online

At first, you'll notice the visuals and 3D graphics on Catan Universe are un-matched. On top of that, the added bonus is that the mobile app far more superior than the PC adaptation.

Secondly, the site experienced several bug issues in the past and players keep reporting minor glitches with a slow turn-around time to fix them. Despite this, the software and the dev team keep improving.

Nevertheless, consider this when choosing where to play Settlers of Catan online.


Board Game Arena Catan

Exclusive Catan Community

This popular website offers a plethora of online board games, including the #1 board game in the world - Catan.

Firstly, their animations and visual effects are eye-popping and engaging. 

Secondly, there are a few downfalls when playing Catan on Board Game Arena. Because in order to play for free, you need a paying member to start the game since it's considered a "premium game" on the website.

All in all, they have a few bugs and kinks to work out, but they are fast improving their system to play without any glitches. Albeit, game play is slower compared to other sites since every move requires confirmation.


Play Catan Online on Asobrain games

Asobrain Games is the OG of online Catan. Here's a more low-tech option that provides FREE Catan play.

Another key point is that this website offers an exclusive community of hardcore Catan gamers.

Although, there is currently a 3 month waiting list to get approved to play. Additionally, you require an institutional email to create a profile and play. Unfortunately, emails like gmail, yahoo or hotmail won't be accepted to create a profile.

Installing plug-ins are required as well, in addition to 3rd party software with Java applet in order to play.

Asobrain's visuals and graphics are slightly outdated and lack in this department. Comparatively, its competitors in the online Catan space offer superior video effects.

Happy Settling!

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