Custom Catan Board

Best 7 Custom Catan Board Shops

Traditionally, the game of Catan is played on a board made up of flat hexes and outer pieces made from sturdy cardboard. To elevate your Catan experience, try playing on a custom Catan board, you won't regret it.

Check out our list of The Best 7 Custom Catan Board Shops below for your next custom board purchase.

1) CCHobby

CCHobby will make custom designs for you.  They specialize in laser cutting, CNC woodworking, pen turning, sign creation and just about anything else your creative mind wants.

CC Hobby Fun Custom Catan Board

The set above features a 1/4" stained plywood box designed to house Catan tiles and border pieces. Immerse yourself in a unique gaming experience with this stained, engraved 5-6 player wood board, perfect for a refreshing twist on your Catan adventures at home.

This set includes:

  • 30 laser-engraved tiles crafted from 1/4” Baltic Birch
  • 28 laser-engraved numbers
  • 2 blank number tiles
  • 10 intricately engraved border tiles.

Each terrain hex representing Grain, Lumber, Wool, Ore, and Brick is adorned with a distinctive pattern, while the borders feature captivating ship and wave engravings.

The numbers seamlessly fit into the tile centers, facilitating easy movement during gameplay.

Assembled and stored like the original cardboard pieces, this set ensures durability through its robust Baltic Birch construction, promising to withstand countless hours of play.

2) Twisted Grain

Twisted Grain is a woodworking family run business with a strong passion in creating beautiful wooden board games and other items made from wood.

They offer to add engraving to the back of the game to customize it. This is great way to customize that special gift to you friends for family member.

Wooden Catan Custom Board By Twisted Grain

Indulge in the joy of Settlers of Catan board games with this exquisite wooden resource tile game board, meticulously crafted through laser cutting from two layers of birch.

Each piece boasts a thickness of approximately 1/4 inch and is dyed in vibrant colours, showcasing the inherent beauty of the wood.

Choose from their two enticing options!

Opt for the 2-4 player base game, or go for the comprehensive combination pack, which includes the base game along with the expansion pack.

Here's what you'll find in the 2-4 players base game board:

  • 19 resource hexes
  • 6 border tiles
  • 9 harbors
  • 18 number tokens

Explore the base plus expansion combination package, featuring:

  • 2-4 player base game board AND the 5-6 player expansion pack:
  • 4 additional border tiles
  • 11 extra resource hexes
  • 2 supplementary harbors
  • 10 added number tokens

3) The Wood & Shop Inc

Since 1983, THE WOOD & SHOP, Inc. has been dedicated to serving home woodworkers.

Their extensive inventory includes approximately 60 different species of exotic or imported hardwoods, along with around 35 varieties of domestic hardwoods.

Utilizing state-of-the-art lasers, they have the capability to cut nearly any shape.

Choose from 12 sizes of shaker pegs, 33 different sizes of balls, beads, dowel caps, ball knobs, and 20 sizes of toy wheels.

Wood and Shop Inc Custom Catan Board

4) Master Monk

The team as Master Monk are a committed group of artisans based in the USA, crafting premium accessories for various household items.

Their journey began in Tabletop Gaming, as it was the shared love for game nights that brought their team together.

Custom Wooden Catan Board by Master Monk

Ever thought about the drawbacks of cardboard? It decomposes, gets damaged easily, and seems to crumble under various circumstances.

Perhaps it's time to make the leap to a sturdy wood game board that can outlast us all.

All their products are meticulously handcrafted in the USA, designed to stand the test of time.

Included in the 2-6 Player Game Board:

  • 6 Ocean Edge Pieces
  • 4 Small Ocean Edges
  • 2 Desert Hexagons (comes with 1 free text engraving)
  • 1 TMS Robber
  • 30 Number Pips
  • 11 Harbor Tokens
  • 1 Robber that covers the pips.

Key Features:

  • Solid Hardwood Construction – no flimsy MDF, plywood, or cardboard prone to falling apart.
  • Dyed to enhance the natural wood grain's beauty.
  • Robust, environmentally safe finish for protection against spills and damage, avoiding harmful chemicals found in cardboard, plywood, and MDF.
  • Effortless removal of inset number and harbor tokens with just one finger.
  • Exclusive, hand-drawn graphics designed in-house by Master Monk.
  • Felt bottoms for surface protection against scratches and smooth table sliding.
  • Compatible with the game Catan. Upgrade your gaming experience with lasting quality and craftsmanship.

5) Brick Bubble

Brick Bubble is an amazing family business who specialize in solid wood gifts. Their solid wood custom Catan board is truly astonishing.

Brick Bubble Custom Catan Board

An ideal gift for the gamer in your life, Brick Bubble's custom-illustrated, laser-engraved, and hand-painted Settlers Game Board is compatible with Catan.

Crafted in a home studio from solid hardwoods, these board games are presented in a stunning keepsake box.

The hexagon tiles, intricately engraved, are made from solid maple wood, complemented by border tiles crafted from solid walnut.

Key features include:

  • Designed and Created in a home studio in Alberta, Canada
  • Crafted from solid maple and walnut
  • As wood is a natural product, wood grain will exhibit variations
  • Hand-painted, with colours subject to variance
  • Listing includes a storage box and a full game board (three brick, three ore, four sheep, four wood, four grain, one desert, and six outer frame pieces)
  • Approximately 0.34" thick
  • Artistic designs laser-engraved onto the surface
  • Sealed for protective measures
  • Compatible with Catan®
  • Assembled width measures 22.125" (56.2cm) at its widest part

6) PNW Pines & Needles

PNW are a team of creatives who find immense joy in not only illuminating your home but brightening your mood too!

Witnessing the enthusiastic "I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!" response when someone appreciates their creations brings a genuine smile to their faces (Hunter & Rebecca).

Brick Bubble Custom Catan Board

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with this custom, handcrafted Hexagon Board game.

Crafted from durable 1/4" wood, each piece surpasses the sturdiness of typical 1/16" cardboard game boards.

Every tile is precision laser-cut with intricate designs to make the pieces truly stand out!

For 3-4 Players, the set includes:

  • 19 Hexagon Tiles (4 Lumber, 4 Wool, 4 Wheat, 3 Brick, 3 Ore, 1 Desert)
  • 6 Border Pieces
  • 18 Numbered Chits with Roll Frequency
  • 9 Ports (1 Lumber, 1 Wool, 1 Wheat, 1 Brick, 1 Ore, 4 Any)

For 5-6 Players, it includes ALL 3-4 Player Pieces plus:

  • 28 Numbered Chits with Roll Frequency (Replaces 3-4 Player Chits)
  • 4 Border Expansion Pieces
  • 11 Extra Resources (2 Lumber, 2 Wool, 2 Wheat, 2 Brick, 2 Ore, 1 Desert)
  • 2 Ports (Wool & Any)

Add a customizable compact carrying box that accommodates both 3-4 and 5-6 player sets, along with your own cards, game pieces, and building cost cards.

Choose from four styles: DIY (customize it yourself), Coloured (full tile colouring for each resource), Earthy (varying shades of brown, grey, and red for different resources), and Painted (carefully painted for a vibrant appearance).

For added personalization, choose characters to replace "Settlers" on the lid and select the stain colour for the compact carrying box (options: Red, Blue, Black, Grey, Weathered Oak, Early American, Red Mahogany).

Note: All styles except DIY are finished with two layers of Polyurethane for spill protection.

If you opt for the DIY option, they recommend applying Polyurethane after painting or staining.

7) Smonex

At Smart One Box (Smonex), their primary goal is to offer an intelligently designed solution for all your Catan needs.

They're dedicated to ensuring the safety and organized storage of your board games, allowing you to fully enjoy your gaming experience.

The Smonex team rigorously tests all accessories, organizers, and add-ons empirically and personally.

Wooden Catan Board

Elevate your Settlers of Catan experience with the sleek design on this wooden game board crafted by Smonex.

Meticulously designed to complement the renowned game, each component is hand-painted in vibrant colors, creating an immersive atmosphere for your gaming gatherings.

Revel in the precision of laser-cut engravings, where the intricate details on every game tile make the board uniquely captivating.

It is compatible with the Settlers of Catan base game. Tailored for 3-4 players, this unique custom Catan board is compact and requires minimal storage space.

Smonex's custom boards are built for durability with top quality. They are crafted from the finest birch plywood.

The eco-friendly material is both lightweight and remarkably sturdy, with every element meticulously sanded and finished to ensure smooth edges.

Building their player board is a breeze (requires assembly). Simply connect the sea frame pieces, insert the tokens, and the game is ready to begin!

The box contains 55 elements:

  • 6 sea frame pieces
  • 19 terrain hexes
  • 9 harbor pieces
  • 19 circular number tokens
  • 2 keys for token extraction(Board game not included, sold separately.)

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