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Welcome to our in-depth guide & analysis on this Top 6 Best Catan Map Generator list, also known as the Top 6 Catan Randomizers. These invaluable tools offer many benefits to players of the popular board game, Settlers of Catan.

With the ability to quickly and easily generate a new map every game, players can enjoy a new gameplay experience every time.

The Catan Map Generators listed below are also highly convenient, allowing players to save time and effort in manually creating a Catan map. Furthermore, the randomizer allows for more dynamic and varied maps, ensuring that no two games alike.

Players can also customize the map with various settings and features, such as the number of players, the number of resources touching each other, and much more.

With their ease of use, convenience, and variety of features, Catan enthusiasts will appreciate using a Catan Randomizer - Catan Map Generator on game night. 

Top 6 Catan Map Generators & Randomizers

  1. The Better Catan Board Generator by Jamison Bunge
  2. Catan Map Generator by Alex Beal
  3. Catan Map Generator (Standard and Expansion) by Jared Kirschner
  4. Catan Board Generator by Trevor Richardson
  5. Catanerator - Map Generator - App by Elevated Pixels Software
  6. Catanous - Catan Map Generator - App by David Elsonbaty
Treasured Settlers Grip Mats

1) The Better Catan Board Generator

Map Randomizer - Catan Board Generator

The Better Catan board Generator designed by Jamison Bunge, offers the user the option to pick either the basic map or the expansion map with the additional settings:

  • 2 & 12 can touch (adjacent tiles)
  • 6 & 8 can touch (adjacent tiles)
  • Same resources can touch
  • Same numbers can touch

2) Catan Map Generator

Catan Map Builder - Catan Board Generator

On this Map Generator from Alex Beal, the user is only able to access the standard map and modify the settings of:

  • Creating a new board
  • Generating a new pseudorandom board
  • Generating a completely random board

3) Catan Map Generator (Standard and Expansion)

Catan Map Generator For Catan Expansions

The Map Generator from Jared Kirschner randomizes both normal and expansion Catan maps, it's as simple as that. With only two options for the user to chose from, this Catan Randomizer is a quick and efficient option for standard and expansion Catan boards. This Catan map generator's features are:

  • Normal (1 to 4 players)
  • Expansion (5 to 6 players)

4) Catan Board Generator

Catan Board Generator

This Board Generator by Trevor Richardson offers the most options when it comes to Catan board randomizing with in-depth stats and probability odds.

Choose the map of your choice, then decide if you want to hide, randomize or insert the default harbors.

Afterwards, your random board will appear along with a button to check the statistical probabilities of gathering each respective resource.

This Catan randomizer can create boards for:

  • Normal (3 to 4 players)
  • Expansion (5 to 6 players)
  • Cities & Knights (3 to 4 players)
  • Cities & Knights (5 to 6 players)

5) Catanerator -  Map Generator

Catanerator - Map Generator

The Catanerator from Elevated Pixels Software  is available in the App store and its rated the #1 board generator for Catan lovers (who have apple devices). 

It offers various configurations, from adjacent reds to fair ports, and can be used with Expansion Packs and Seafarers.With Catanerator, you don't have to worry about unevenly distributed resources or unfair advantages for certain players.

This Catan randomizer will create a board that provides a balanced gaming experience. Try Catanerator today and get the most out of this Catan Randomizer.

6) Catanous -  Catan Map Generator

Catanous - Catan Map Generator

Catanous from David Elsonbaty is available in the App store and it has a plethora of features for any Catan lover searching for random Catan maps.

This app offers various customizations, from configuring harbors, tiles, number tokens to desert placement generation rules in order to create the perfect board. Catanous also has bonus special maps included to keep you engaged and exploring till the sun goes down.

Furthermore, this Catan randomizer app has a unique color blind setting to make the game more inclusive. In addition, its special app icons allow you (the player) to customize the experience with exclusive app icons, each with its unique charm.

The available maps in Catanous include Classic, Seafarers and Cities & Knights. This well-designed app offers an additional dozen different variations to experience.

Try Catanous today and get the most out of this riveting random map generator app.

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