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Welcome Catan fan, to the #1 hub for all the top rankings of any Catan related lists. We'll cover everything from best games like Catan to the best custom board shops for your next 3D board.

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Best Games Like Catan

Top Games

Are you looking to diversify your game collection, with similar Catan-like games? If so, you'll want to check out our list of Best 15 Games Like Catan. This list has a great mix of board games that require strategizing, conquering and socializing.

Each game in this list will surely deliver endless fun next time you get together with friends and family, check it out here (Top 15 Games Like Catan).  

Top Expansions

Catan Expansions

Are you ready to expand your Catan game experience? Look no further, then our list of Best 5 Catan Expansions. The list of the top catan expansions cover each game's respective uniqueness, along with the new variations players can experience during gameplay.

Catan expansions are must of any Catan fanatic. For great insights and in-depth details on our list of the top 5 expansions, click here.

Best Catan Map Generators

Best Catan Map Generators

Looking for a quick and easy way to build out your Catan map, also known as your Catan board? We've got the solution for you with our list of the Best 6 Catan Map Generators & Randomizers.

Whether you're looking to generate a random Catan board map on desktop, tablet or mobile, our list covers websites and applications for your preferred device.

For quick access to this Top Map Generators list, simply click here.

Top Custom Board Shops

Top Custom Catan Board

Have you ever played on a custom Catan board? If not, you might be missing out. It brings the gameplay experience to another level and you don't have to worry about any cardboard pieces breaking or fading away.

Our list of the Best 7 Custom Catan Board Shops offer plenty of options for your next custom Catan board purchase.

From tailored engravings to solid wood finishings, custom Catan boards are becoming increasingly popular amongst Catan fans. Check out our Best Custom Catan Board list right here.

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